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About Sciencia

Sciencia, as a popular science company, offers a set of products and services to enjoy discovering and learning Sciences and Technologies.

Sciencia has its first Scientific Leisure Center in Menzah 6 (Ariana) and plans to open other centers near you in near future.

In our centers, Sciencia offers Weekly Workshops all year round and Master Classes during vacations, for kids and youths from 6 to 16. Our Centers supports also local scholar community by providing external workshops hosted by educational institutions in their region.

Sciencia develops also Educational and Scientific Kits to spread the Learning by Doing experience and to bring it everywhere, in you home, in the schools, in leisure centers ...

Our Activities


This is were kids from the age of 6 discover sciences, learn the principles, understand everyday phenomenons and have fun experimenting and innovating.Explorer includes general sciences, physics, optics, chemistry, biology, ecology ...

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Yes, with Sciencia, kids from the age of 8 start designing and building their robots. They don't just assemble pieces. They learn the basics, they design their ciruits, they build their creations and make autonomous and intelligent robots.

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That's true. With Sciencia, kids from the age of 8 discover and learn about aeronautics, aerospace, planes and every amazing thing that flies and sail or dive. This is not just modelling but real science where kids master the basics, design their parts and crafts and improve them.

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We have what you always looked for

Safety of your Kids: Our main concern is the safety and security of your kids. We do fun sciences and the kids are the one who do experiments, practice and do. We are intransigent with components, materials, tools and others so there is no risk for them.

High Quality of Service: We believe that quality of delivery, quality of content and quality of hosting are important in the realization of our vision. This does not mean our prices are skyrocketing, but our experience shows that low quality of service is the main reason of disinterest of kids toward sciences.

Really Scientific: We are a popular science company, and Sciences and Technologies mean a lot for us. We construct our contents, our products and our services to convey our passion of sciences and technologies and to ignite this passion within the kids and youths.

Methodology: We take popular science to the next step. We have established a methodology and a formalism to ensure the viability of the contents we are proposing, their relevancy and their consistency, as well as their adaptability to the local context. This is has the tendancy to boost creativity and innovation and to provide to the kids an efficient learning and fun environment.

Our Videos

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The Team

Dr. Latifa El Ghezal

Co-Founder - COO

Latifa is the driving force of Sciencia. Her experience in popular sciences, in pedagogy and in sharing knowledge make her the secret of the Success of Sciencia.

Ahmed Ben Ali

Co-Founder - CEO

Ahmed is the innovative strength of Sciencia. His experience in popular science and expertise in new technologies guarantee the innovative and leading edge of Sciencia.

Mohamed Jaidane

Co-Founder - CTO

Mohamed is the creative force of Sciencia. His international experience in popular science and in highly technical projects secures the creativity of Sciencia.